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Exterminator’S Choice - Rat Defense Spray - 32 Ounces - Natural, Non-Toxic Rat and Mice Repellent, Mice and Rat Repellent Spray - Quick and Easy Pest Control - Safe around Kids and Pets

Exterminator’S Choice - Rat Defense Spray - 32 Ounces - Natural, Non-Toxic Rat and Mice Repellent, Mice and Rat Repellent Spray - Quick and Easy Pest Control - Safe around Kids and Pets

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  • Our Rat Defense spray comes in handy for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. Durable and weather-resistant scents can be placed anywhere a rodent has shown signs of habitation, entry, or nearby. A smart way to keep rats out and away from your home!
  • This rat repellant spray keeps rats away naturally and effectively that is made with only natural and organic ingredients, now including Peppermint and Rosemary Oils. Ideal for use around gardens and yards where rodent populations are out of control
  • For immediate protection and a humane advantage, our rat repellent spray works in seconds to repel rats between applications. This long-lasting odorless repellent has a clean scent that causes rats to leave the area, discouraging them from returning
  • Our rat defense spray is a natural scent made specifically to deter rats, mice, and other rodents. This formula is non-toxic and organic, so you can feel confident even when using it near your children or pets
  • Exterminators Choice has developed an advanced formula using food-grade ingredients to repel mice and rats from any area in your home. It is odor-free and non-staining making it ideal for use in homes where there are homeowners or infants

Product Description

Rodents are annoying and carry diseases!

Rodent Defense Rat Protection is made to protect your home or garden from pesky squirrels, rats, mice raccoons and other creatures of the night that want to make your home their home!


. Contains no pyrethrin, pyrethroid, or permethrin

. Perfectly safe to use around your home, in your garage, around any garden or plant

Spray & Play, NO Wait Time!

NON-STAINING, Don’t worry about spraying too much, our formula will not leave a mark.

If you are seeing rodents in the area, first try figuring out what is brining them in… sometimes removing what is attracting them is the fastes way to eliminate them. If that doesn’t work, we recommend spraying Rat Protection DAILY in the areas you want to keep them away from for 5-7 days and then keep spraying as needed thereafter.


Made with organic essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. Peppermint is a natural energy booster. It's uplifting and invigorating! However rodents HATE it!

Naturally-derived, non-toxic, pest control spray

Made by Professional Exterminators so you know if works so GET YOURS TODAY AND PROTECT YOUR HOME and CAR!

Made in the USA and never tested on animals

Pro Tip!

Before applying the Rat Protection by Exterminators Choice it is best to to remove all nesting and clutter from the areas you are trying to protect. Once a small animal has found a safe nesting area getting rid of them can be more difficult. Removing those will scare them and added with the repellent effects will run them off for good.

Safe For The Whole Family

All Exterminators Choice products are non-toxic and all natural ingredients. Rodent Defense Rat Protection will protect your from rodents without being harmful to your kids or pets.

All Natural, Safe and Effective and made in the USA!

Our products are made with the purest essential oils. We use a blend of ingredients that rodents and small animals can't stand! Feel good knowing that you will not be spraying any kind of chemicals or poisons near where your children or pets may be.

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